Specialize in TAKING the LONG VIEW

Thinking Ahead

A Visionary is someone who sees what others do not. Foresight and Imagination, the tow key ingredients for visionary thinking. 

Visionary Sophia thinkers profile people, places, trends and phenomena that share a unique way of seeing things and thinking about the future. Read long form articles on topics as diverse as law, contemporary art, health, and music. If someone is doing it creatively, with love and grace, then chances are our team of writers will cover it!


Writing Craft

Research and creativity with unique insights are the common core of elements in our pieces

Thinking Universally

We think beyond the boundaries of specific industries or places to capture a universal human perspective in all our work.

Beyond the Screen

We take our readers beyond the Web, beyond the smartphone into the unique worlds of fascinating people

Views from Above

New concepts, new trends, the key word is “new” as in, “you do not want to miss these fresh pieces of brain food!”

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