Credit: Dirk Braeckman

Digital photography has grown to be the commonplace medium for many photographers, but it wasn’t always. For decades, photographers would use the gelatin silver process– a fundamental chemical process most commonly used in black-and-white photography. What was once standard, however, is growing to be a lost art in the world of photography.

Credit: Dirk Braeckman. Series P.V.-V.B.-16

Dirk Braeckman preserves that art in his photography. With a 30 year-long career, Braeckman has developed a portfolio that studies unique textures and the human existence. He plays with light and shadows to create a dark, gritty mood that carries through most of his work. Though there is certainly a prevalent darkness about his pieces, there is a contemplative nature that draws the viewer in closer, urging them to take a closer look.

Credit: Dirk Braeckman. Dear deer , As I lie

Braeckman has taken part in numerous exhibitions both nationally and internationally. His most recent gallery was titled “Dear Deer,” and took place in the winter of 2019 pre-pandemic. It’s been over a year since then– as most galleries and museums closed to limit gatherings– but Braeckman is finally breaking back into the scene with his awe-inspiring work.


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