A national network of court reporting companies, the NNRC stands as one of the foremost databases for lawyers and attorneys seeking qualified legal support services across the country.  The NNRC has also extended membership to court reporting companies abroad, in countries such as Canada, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Legal professionals and law firms can find a court reporter to help them win their case no matter where the case may take them by searching the NNRC database. The NNRC has member companies in every state in the United States, providing a variety of services to clients, including transcription services, deposition services, legal videography services, trial preparation services such as PowerPoint presentations, printed trial boards, computer animation, documentary videos and more.

The NNRC (National Network of Reporting Companies), headquartered in California, serves attorneys and lawyers across the nation and around the world. By coordinating services such as depositions between different reporting companies separated by great distances, NNRC member companies facilitate legal work such as the collection of testimony. These companies typically offer conference rooms for videoconferencing, another helpful tool in the litigation process. A reporting company in one state, New York, for example, can refer its lawyer client to a fellow member company in Florida if the client’s work takes him or her to the Sunshine State for a case.

Law firms and lawyers can search the court reporters directory on the NNRC website to locate a NNRC-affiliated company in their vicinity, knowing that such firms have the experience, technological prowess and professionalism to help them win their cases. Whether domestically or internationally, the NNRC likely has a member company available to assist on a case in the geographic region where a case is happening.

Legal professionals for decades have relied upon professional court reporters to assist them in their work. These professionals play important support roles in the legal profession, often working behind the scenes to help attorneys and lawyers build their cases, through tasks such as remote depositions, video presentations and legal videography. Court reporters, of course, also accurately transcribe legal proceedings, including court hearings, trials, depositions, mediations, arbitration hearings and more for their legal clients. Lawyers and attorneys rely upon these accurate records to build their cases and ultimately prevail. Knowing who said what and how it all fits together leads to successful outcomes in court. Many court reporting companies help their legal clients sift through the evidence and piece together a winning argument.

The network serves as a clearinghouse for the dozens of companies affiliated with NNRC, connecting lawyers and attorneys with the court reporters they need for cases. Almost anywhere in the United States, a lawyer can find a qualified, professional court reporting company by searching NNRC’s directory.

If you or your law firm finds itself in the market for court reporting services, make the NNRC your first stop when seeking out top-notch court reporting companies. Many of the companies in the NNRC set the standard for excellence and professionalism among court reporting companies in their respective markets.