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A skilled attorney knows that court reporting can be the difference between a case that succeeds and a case that fails. To laymen, this is unfathomable simply because they don’t understand what a court reporter does.

Court reporters are responsible for creating an accurate transcript of everything that is said, exactly how it is said throughout a legal proceeding. This means that court reporters are tasked with keeping up with the difficult legal jargon and quick back-and-forth that often transpires in a court room. Court reporters are specially trained to use the stenograph, a unique device that records what is said phonetically and enables reporters to record over 200 words per minute—five times the amount the average person can type per minute.

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Attorneys use these transcripts in a variety of ways. Some are used to review and prepare for the next aspect of their case. Some are to help the defendant or their witness create a concrete testimony. Whatever their use may be, these transcripts allow attorneys to act in a way that will genuinely make a difference in the outcome of their case.

This is why a good court reporter is so important, yet so many fall short. It usually has nothing to do with their skill, but has to do with their technology utilized, services offered, and/or level of customer service.

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Back in 1983, five leading firms in the court reporting industry realized just how detrimental these under-performing firms were to not only the name of court reporting, but to the attorneys they served. These court reporting giants knew what it took to serve attorneys exactly they way they needed to be served, but knew they couldn’t help attorneys across the country on their own.

The firms came together to form the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC).  Together, the executives came up with a set standard of reporting speed, accuracy, efficacy, and customer service unmatched in the world of court reporting. Firms who become a partner of the NNRC have access to the company’s resources, while attorneys who book a court reporting firm through the NNRC don’t have to worry about whether or not the firm can deliver on their demands.  Through partnering with the NNRC, the firm’s quality is assured.

“[Court reporting] takes good attention to detail, which requires a high level of caring about the transcripts that you produce,” Chuck Cady, president of Cady Reporting and partner of the NNRC says. “It also takes good people skills and discretion to know how to conduct yourself in a way as to do your job well without being intrusive.  Most reporters I know are total perfectionists; they fret over whether they should use a comma or a semicolon. As a sort of bottom line, I have yet to find a situation that doesn’t fall into one of the two basic vital categories for success: professionalism and communication.”

After more than 45 years of business, the NNRC has become a quintessential part of the court reporting world. The company hosts dozens of court reporting firms not only from every corner of the United States, but internationally. The National Network Reporting Company proudly offers its services to attorneys in San Francisco, all the way to attorneys in London. No matter where an attorney may end up for work, the NNRC is proud of offer a helping hand.

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The prestigious partners of the NNRC include:

Abrams, Mah & Kahn Reporting Service, AB Court Reporting & Video, Inc., Anderson Reporting Services, Inc., Associated Reporters, Inc., Bain & Associates Court Reporting Service, Inc., Behmke Reporting and Video Services, Inc., Beovich Walter & Friend, Cady Reporting Services, Inc., Carol Nygard & Associates, Clark & Associates, Inc., Coash & Coash, Coulter Reporting, LLC, CRC Salomon, DALCO Reporting, D&R Reporting & Video, Elite Reporting Services of Tennessee, Envision Legal Services, LLC., European Deposition Services, Fitzsimmons Reporting and Videoconference Center, Great Lakes Shorthand, Halasz Reporting and Video Conferencing, Halma Reporting Group, Inc., Hanna & Hanna, Inc., Hanson Renaissance Court Reporters & Video, Independent Reporters, Inc., Jack W. Hunt & Associates, Inc., Laws Reporting, Inc., Legal Media Experts, Lyon Reporting, Inc., McCorkle Court Reporters, Network Deposition Services, O’Brien & Levine, Peterson & Associates Reporting, Premiere Verbatim Reporting, Realtime Reporters, LLC, Ryan Reporting, Stewart Richardson & Associates, Susan Frye Court Reporters, Summit Court Reporting, Inc., Tempest Reporting, Inc., Thomas & Thomas Court Reporters and Certified Legal Video, LLC.

Each and every one of these fine court reporting firms offer so much more than quality reporting. The firms all operate as full-service litigation support firms. This means that attorneys can turn to the NNRC for any and all of their legal support needs and receive top-tier service. These professionals use the latest videography technology so client audio and video is as crisp as possible. Their conference rooms and comfortable and stylish. Their realtime reporters are as fast as they are accurate.

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Attorneys no longer have to play a guessing game when scheduling professionals to be a part of their legal team. When an attorney books through the NNRC, they do it confidently. 45 years of business has proven to the legal world that the NNRC is made up of professionals who work diligently, and true care about the work they put forth. Every court reporter who works with the NNRC proves to be a great addition to any legal team.

To learn more about the NNRC, call (916) 451-9187, or email [email protected].

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